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Enough about me....

Charles Hester

Charles as he prefers to by Christi Hutchins

I'm a story teller. Every time I create an image, it tells a story. That's one of the joys of being a professional photographer. Words are a writer's tools, images are my tools. I see the world as a continual series of separate but interacting images, and my ability to capture those images is the essence of my profession.

Not just all the images, but the best ones, the most meaningful ones, the ones that capture the moment and cause my viewer to recall the emotions, sights, sounds and smells of that moment.

At a wedding, my job is to tell the story of the bride and groom, their families and friends, the place where they were married, the weather, the earth, sun, sea and sky -- all the people and all the elements that go into making a wedding a special and sacred event for everyone there.

By creating a studio portrait, or a family beach portrait, or a high school senior or new engagement couple, I'm telling a story. A story about how my subjects look, what they wear, how they feel, how they react to the environment around them.

Creative commercial photography tells a story that creates a desire to have, own, buy, rent, eat, smell or feel a product or service. Just taking a "record shot" doesn't tell a story, the image must arouse an emotion in the viewer to be successful.

I've spent my entire life telling stories. Not with words, but with images. It's been my joy and my challenge. I look forward to telling your story.

For the detail-oriented: 50+ years full time photography studio owner, 19 of those years in southwest Florida, photojournalism degree, former printing company owner for 20 years (OK, so there was some overlap <g>.)


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